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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Guess what? A new post!

Don't all fall off your chairs, but I'm back!
As usual, life has got in the way of blogging and as usual I've sat down to do this many times but never quite made it.
This time I'm determined!
You'll be glad to know there are no disasters or traumas to report - of course I would have been here before if there were.
I had a "review session" with my life-saving therapist a while ago and that prompted me to thinking about a review on here.
I'm not ashamed to say I'm still 'in therapy', albeit only every six months or so. I think it's healthy to recognise that I still need some support. It's probably more about exernal validation and my need for that is a part of my character that I have come to accept. I don't believe things are good until someone else tells me!
But it's also great to have an hour just to talk about everything and just to think about me. Not about aged dogs, cranky cats or troublesome two year olds.
Which brings me to Miss T, who is of course not actually that troublesome. She's fantastic. She's loving preschool, despite my well-documented fears, has mastered toilet-training (pretty much) and is learning and growing every day. Best of all she now has moments where she'll play happily by herself while I wash up or cook dinner or - shock horror - read a magazine!
What else?
Well, I have a permanent job! It's similar but different to my old job, a bit of a promotion, a lot more fun. And it means less stress about income and bills, if a bit more about other things. The hours are longer than I'd like but it's four days a week so I try to make sure my Tasha days are truly dedicated to her. No more skulking upstairs on the computer while she and her daddy play downstairs or go out.
Other stuff?
Not much. Life goes on, there are ups and downs, trials and tribulations. But we are a strong family unit and I love nothing more than when we are all at home together, snuggled up on the sofa reading a book or - shock horror part two - watching TV!
See? I can admit to less-than-perfection...there was a time when I would have insisted Tasha not watched TV and instead organised an educational activity. But actually, she needs chill out time too and when we watch it together and talk about what we see, or if it gives us ideas about craft activities or teaches us new songs then there's nothing wrong with that.
But do you know what? I don't care if anyone disagrees with that. It works for us and that's the main thing.
That's about all there is to report - as usual I'll end with a vow to try and update more regularly, but who knows if I'll keep it? If you check back and are disappointed at the lack of waffle or ranting, just know it means my life is crisis-free!