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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I need to think of more imaginative titles!

I almost called this one another variation on thinking or thoughts but decided to spare you all!
So, today's update - no tearful moments (well, a tiny one when I said goodbye to my lovely colleagues in preparation for an office move) and no friends squeezed in - but it's a work day so what do you expect?
And, as my original title would have told you, I have been doing more thinking. And there's been a bit of a shift - a bit like the weather today.
That doesn't mean that all the sun has gone and the rain is swamping me - that really is just the weather.
In terms of thinking, I've had an attitude change to second babies. In general, I must stress, so don't go getting excited.
In the same way as I was able to enjoy other people's weddings while thinking about ours and using them to work out what I would like, and not like, I'm seeing other people's experiences with more offspring and learning what seems to work and what doesn't.
Luckily, people have been fantastically honest so far about what they would do differently if they could do it all again which is really helpful for someone like me, who lives by lists and evaluates everything ten times over.
And in return I'm trying to be honest with them, without making it seem like I think they're more mental than me for doing it all again.
One positive point I have noted so far is that Tash loves babies and is very gentle with them - all that time playing with her dolls is clearly paying off.
Of course I'm not stupid enough to think that she would accept a sibling without any problems but it is reassuring that her first instinct might not be to jump on its head.
That might still be my reaction though!


Catherine said...

Hi, I'm Catherine, Kate's mate. Good blog :)I'm enjoying it. I just had a baby (well 5 months ago so not really just). Just thought I'd say hi, I've not had PND (thank god/touch wood), but I've had the ordinary common or garden variety and full on Kudos to you for managing a baby and depression at the same time - my plan if I got it was to hand him over to our Mam and hide in a cupboard for a few months.

Liz said...

Hi Catherine, and welcome - glad you're enjoying it.
I might have to steal your plan...oh, wait, I've just banned myself from making plans! Oh well - it's a good option anyway...