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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Don't worry - not mine! I am still floating around in a fluffy cloud of positive affirmations and happy thoughts...mostly.
But maybe because that is my default state of mind at the moment...mostly...I find it really hard to deal with other people's negativity. I just don't understand it. Maybe negativity is the wrong word - I more than most can understand a black mood or a bad day.
But I can't understand general nastiness, bitchiness or unpleasantness. It doesn't fit in my fluffy world. I'm a great believer in the advice that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything. Especially if it's not constructive. And some of the things I have experienced lately have been the opposite of constructive!
I'm getting round it at the moment by telling myself it reveals more about the person being destructive and negative than it does about their subject, especially when it's me, and I can rise above it all.
Luckily, due to some great friends and some hard-earned respect professionally which is standing me in good stead, this is proving possible so far. Fingers crossed it continues, or those behind it get bored or move on and find positive ways to channel their energy.
In other news, Miss T is becoming more strong-minded every day. Yesterday we had to use the naughty step three times before 9am - a new record and not one to be proud of. But the bedtime battles seem to have been won and we are having lots of fun...mostly.
In terms of gainful employment, well, I'm still trying. I'm determined to see things as challenges rather than setbacks, and in general this is an exciting and interesting time. Negativity aside. Who knows what will happen? Not me...but that's okay.

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