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Saturday, 21 February 2009

A treat for you all!

Some of you have complained this blog is a little text heavy.
Indeed it is.
So here is another pic of Miss T for you to admire - and one you don't have to crane your head to see!
Apologies again for the lack of update - the reasons in the last post still stand.
But as a special treat I'm sharing something here I was doing anyway.
It's one of those Facebook lists - sorry if, like my brother in law, you find them the most annoying thing ever.
Personally, I find most of them very revealing for a variety of reasons. The things people choose to share, the things they don't, the subjects they touch on.
So for what it's worth, here's mine. Some of them you'll already know, some of them you won't. Feel free to add your own, Facebook stylee!
25 random things about me
1) I'm addicted to spider solitaire and can play it for hours at a time, much to the annoyance of my husband. I like to play till I win, and that can take some time!
2) I'm also addicted to reading other people's blogs - friends of friends, random people I don't know.
3) I have a therapist and I think everyone would benefit from seeing one at least once.
4) I want to save the world. Not in any grand environmental way, I'm afraid, but on a personal level - I hate for people to be unhappy and always want to get involved in their problems, even if they don't want me to.
5) I'm not very good at accepting that you can only help those who want to be helped!
6) I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Not the big important ones, so don't worry if you've told me something, but things like surprise presents or good news.
7) I have practically no secrets of my own. In fact, I make a point of telling any new friends I get close to all my deepest darkest secrets. I figure that if they're not freaked out by what they hear then they're worth having as friends.
8) I hate when people hint at secrets or problems - like I just did, I guess!
9) I've always wanted to write, from as young as I can remember. In fact, one of my earliest memories is having a story on the story tree at infant school.
10) I thought I would be a poet or write books (in fact, I wrote one when I was about 13 but you wouldn't have wanted to read it!) until I did a week's work experience on a local newspaper when I was 15 and realised how much fun it was.
11) After weeks and months more work experience with that same paper, and others, I got my first paid job there straight out of university and was delighted to find it was still as much fun as I remembered. I never had that Monday morning feeling and would have done my job for nothing.
12) I thought I would be heartbroken to leave that job but actually it wasn't as bad as I feared. I guess the nice fat redundancy cheque helped a bit!
13) It is only in the last month or so that I have considered myself fully recovered from post natal depression, and my little girl is two and a bit. But I still have my therapist, even if it is only for reviews and as back up!
14) The thought of getting PND again terrifies me so much I'm still not sure if I will ever have another baby. I want another child, but not another baby.
15) I'm also terrified of having a boy!
16) I'd rather Miss T grew up to be kind and polite and gentle and loving than passed loads of exams and I think those qualities could get her further in life as well.
17) I failed my grade one piano exam and the experience traumatised me so much I never took another music exam.
18) I also failed my driving test twice but have passed every other test or exam I've ever taken after learning from an early age that being top of the class was the only place acceptable to my parents.
19) I had two honeymoons. Only one wedding though!
20) I was so anal about organising my wedding that the manager of the venue offered me a job as his wedding planner. I turned it down because I loved my job as a reporter but wish I'd taken him up on it...lists and folders galore!
21) I always preferred cats to dogs until I met my husband. When I was little I had a cat who was like a best friend to me and I told her everything. But he introduced me to dog ownership and they are much easier to train! If I tell them to go and lie down they will, but my cats will continue to bug me until I stroke them...
22) I was genuinely distressed when Miss T told me her granny's cat didn't like her and am now dreading her school days with best friends becoming ex-friends and all the bitchiness she will experience.
23) I still vividly remember the emotions from my school days, and most of them are not pleasant.
24) Apart from writing jobs, I've worked in a supermarket, playgroup and pubs and think everyone should work behind a bar. It's a great way to increase your confidence...oh, and find a husband!
25) I'm writing a book. See - that was supposed to be a secret but now it's out there! It will take me years to finish it though as paid work keeps getting in the way!


Kate said...

ignore bro-in-law, he reads them all still, he just likes to pretend he's too cool for it sometimes! silly boy.
you could have put one of your 'things' as the fact that you cried through most of billy elliot!

Liz said...

I cry through most things - lots at the news lately!