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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

oooohhh adverts!

Or, Google will make me rich...
Well, it's one of my master plans, anyway!
Don't worry though, there are still a few others. But if you do fancy clicking on any of these ads and helping me pay the mortgage that would be fantastic. After all, we all know you can make millions while you sleep...can't you?!
In other news, there's still an air of sadness around things at the moment, perhaps not unreasonably. My dog walk this morning felt muted, and after spending the day housesitting for my friends while they were at their son's funeral I'm obviously not in cheerful mood.
I think the saddest part of the day was seeing the blank mother's day card he had bought for his mum, only to die two days before he could give it to her.
Or perhaps learning that the lasagne I'd made as a gesture was in fact his favourite meal so they were unlikely to enjoy it. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have everything in your life tinged with sadness like that from now on.
But I still have Miss T, and of course Mark, and we're doing okay. In fact, we've got a lot to be thankful for.
Of course, there's still a lot I can get worked up about, this is me, after all! Today's rant was about a random blog post I came across (did I mention I'm addicted to reading random blogs?!).
The author proclaimed, very seriously, that she was "depressed" after a frustrating week of unpacking with three kids around.
Having read a few of her other blog posts I wouldn't be surprised if depression is on the cards for her somewhere, but I can't accept that it is what she is experiencing at the moment.
But then again, who am I to know?
Right - enough rambling! I'm off out tonight to tell people how well my community website is doing (very well, by all accounts - 128 visitors and 357 page views, and it's been officially launched less than a week!) so must go get ready.
Don't forget to click on the ads! Or commission me to make a community website...or write your lfie story...x

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