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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

More parenting thoughts...

I came across this today and for half a second I almost signed up.
Then I realised Tash was far too young for us to need anything like it yet, plus I have better things to do with my time at the moment.
But it was quite reassuring to read a bit about the work they do and their general ehtos. Most of it seems to be about teenagers and trying to understand why they feel like they do and working out how to help them communicate.
A lot of what they recommend is the sort of thing I would hope to do when Tash is older. I've always thought it made me slightly too fluffy or loony lefty to remember how traumatic the teenage years can be and to think that should colour parenting (think more hugs and support and less pressure and shouting!) but here is a reasonably well-respected person saying the same thing.
So I can't be doing all that much wrong - not yet, anyway! Feel free to remind me of this post in 15 years time...

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