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Thursday, 28 August 2008


So I'm still working on planning that night out - nothing definite so far but it's definitely coming along!
And Mark and I are also planning a night out together soon (shock horror), particularly as we won cinema tickets in a raffle.
But I've noticed something that may be PND related or just parenting related. I used to watch all manner of films and enjoyed horror with the best of them - Mark and I had a memorable Halloween watching a midnight showing of the Exorcist.
But now I just don't want to watch anything that isn't pink and fluffy. Maybe it's cos I've had enough horror in real life and I want a bit of escapism when I go out.
Maybe I'm just getting old! Any thoughts welcome - polite ones though!

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Jenni said...

Liz.... since I had Sammy I can't watch horror, or the news (not good for a journo I know!) or any gritty drama or documentary! I can only watch sitcoms and light hearted drama - which I store up in the recorded section of my BT Vision box and secretly consume when Rob - let's face it, he's not very fluffy ;-) is not in the room... just so you know it's not just you!