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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

drug free!

As of today, I am officially drug free! Off meds, clean, no more happy pills!
It was sort of under doctor's advice; I have been cutting down for several weeks but this morning I had a bulimic moment when I was reunited with my breakfast as I tried to take one of the stupid diamond shaped tablets and it got stuck in my throat and made me puke. And as I kept forgetting to take them it just seemed like the final straw so I've decided to stop.
And it feels great!
Of course, it's only day one of my new, post PND, drug-free life so it's a bit early to tell, but it really feels like the beginning of the end of this journey back to me.
I know loads of people hate the word journey in situations like this but that's what it feels like it's been - like I've been clawing my way back from the bottom of a cave towards the outside world, and I'm only just starting to rejoin reality.
This blog itself is another big step - my first foray into public blogging, as me instead of a carefully created altar ego. So please be gentle!

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