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Saturday, 21 June 2008

puppies and kittens

.....well, if MP Tom Harris can blog about puppies and kittens then so can I! (see here http://tomcharris.wordpress.com/ if any of you have been on mars for a week....or, if like Mark, the controversy completely passed you by...)
But Daily Mail headlines aside, I can sort of see what poor Tom was trying to say. It's a sentiment I'm starting to share in my post-therapy, drug-free world.
Sometimes, when everyone is moaning on about things being awful, I do just want to remind them how lucky they are to live in a country where in the main things are generally safe and stable, with a plentiful supply of food in the shops and all kinds of options open to us in terms of education, housing, transport and entertainment.
Then there are the simple things that people often miss - like sunshine, the sea and yes, puppies and kittens!
During one of the many debates about what Tom did or didn't mean the presenter decided to make a reasons to be cheerful list.
So following his example, here's mine - but it's in no particular order, in case I end up criticised for putting sunshine above Tasha!

Good friends
Tasha cuddles
Early morning dog walks
Hot chocolate
Unexpected texts
Early mornings without dog walks filled with snuggles instead
A job I love
A fantastic therapist!

And talking about my fantastic therapist, I don't want to become an LA-style therapy bore, but I can think of so many people who would benefit from something similar. I started off thinking we would just deal with issues around Tasha and me but we've covered everything from different ways of parenting to asserting myself at work. And more importantly I'm accepting people for who they are - me included. Which makes life a whole lot less stressful!
One of my good friends is considering seeing someone to deal with one particular issue and I'm desperate for her to try it because I think she could be surprised at how much other stuff it helps with.
So if anyone wants her details, just let me know.

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