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Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I am not ashamed - and nor are a whole lot of other people, apparently, as when I tried to use that as the blog address too it was already taken!
I came up with the title for this blog after one of those life-changing facebook moments, which actually happen more often than you might thing (like when your ex tracks you down!).
A lot of people don't know I had PND, or much about the difficulties I've encounted since having Tasha (oops - I almost used that 'journey' word again!) because it is not something that often comes up in conversation.
And now things are getting back to normal it seemed rather odd to announce it to the world. So instead, I joined a group on facebook, called I'm not ashamed to admit I suffered with post-natal depression.
It was perfect - all my facebook friends, which includes a lot of family members, would see it when they logged on as part of their news streams, and it would avoid any awkward conversations!
And I started thinking from there - if I'm genuinely not ashamed, which I'm not, why not take it one step further and actually talk about it? But there is a limit to how much suffering my friends should have to endure in terms of heartfelt, deep and meaningful conversations, so this blog was born.
But if that puts you off, please stick with it - the plan is to tackle all sorts of subjects, from the need for more pink fluff in the world to saving Whitstable's visitor information centre (did i mention that facebook group? please join!).
And feel free to leave comments - as long as they are fluffy!

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