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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Good sign?

Important news! Last night my VIC campaign was back at the council and we won a partial victory in forcing the ruling executive committee to look at it again.
Which is obviously fantastic news for Whitstable, the campaign and everyone involved but I have to admit there is a tiny part of me wondering if it is such a good thing for me.
But I think, and hope, I have learned from my experience so far and that is already evident - I did write up my notes last night but waited till this morning to transform them into stories, and I did text Mark and my petitioning friend last night with the good news, but avoided the temptation to text everyone in my address book.
And I did feel bad this morning when Mark took Tasha downstairs so I could write up the stories - she looked at me as if to say "But Thursdays are our days - why aren't you with me?".
Fear not little miss - we will be having lots of fun later, as soon as you wake up from your sleep!

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