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Thursday, 3 July 2008


So guess what? I lost the argument about what was going on the front! And my lovely VIC campaign ended up as a strap along the bottom.
But today is not a work day, so no more work moaning! Instead, Tash and I spent a lovely day, mostly outside.
We were at the park this morning, where I had a heart-to-heart with the friend who is always right, then over to Ramsgate this afternoon and the beach, for another honest chat with another top baby friend.
Sometimes I get bored of talking about the same things but I hope that it doesn't only help me but them as well. This afternoon we were both discussing things we find hard and it's nice to find that others get as frustrated as I do with whining toddlers permanently attached to them!
But it was also lovely to share a fun afternoon of giggles and play and plenty of sand - a perfect of example of how life has its ups and downs.
I'm hoping this weekend will be another up - we're planning to be out tomorrow night and have a wedding to go to on Saturday (good luck Mez!) so lots of adult time. But the flipside of that is that I feel guilty for leaving Tasha twice in one weekend - three times if you count the petitioning on sat daytime. I know that's ridiculous, and she'll be more than fine as both grannies are taking their turn at babysitting, but it's still the default emotion when I think about having adult time to myself. The only reassuring thing is that I'm sure most other mums, whether they have had PND or not, feel the same to some extent.
We did manage an actual whole night away - overnight - for Mark's birthday which was surprisingly lovely. And he wants to go away for a weekend for our 10th anniversary in November (of getting together, not being married if anyone is confused!). Part of me would love to but the over-riding emotion at the moment is panic. But there's a a while to work on that yet so hopefully we'll be able to make it.
BTW I think I've managed to do something technical which means you can now leave anonymous comments so if that was putting anyone off please feel free to speak your mind! As long as it's pink and fluffy...

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