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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Work...or not?

Hmmm. What to blog about today? Work, Tash, work, families, work, VIC campaign, work, new friends, work?
I'm guessing you are all as bored as I am about work traumas so will just reveal have managed to have two arguments with high-level boss type people despite being technically on holiday! But have been thinking about that Orange advert (I am my sister, my friends, the teacher who failed me.....know the one?) and pondering my impact on others so am trying very hard to be calmer....but it's difficult! Still, tonight is crunch time for VIC campaign so should all be over soon.
Anyway! I was quite proud of myself yesterday for embodying the title of this blog. I met up with a friend and a friend of hers, plus kids, and very soon the subject got onto having more children. And I confessed (not sure that's the right word but that's still how it feels) about having PND after Tash, which makes me hesitant about doing it all again. I can't even remember her name but I refused to be ashamed or make up some excuse about wanting Tash to have our undivided attention so I was honest. And she did not appear horrified or aghast so in all it went well!
That was definitely a highlight - only slightly marred when she later commented that Tash seemed like a "mummy's girl". It was in the context of a soft play centre where her daughter and my friend's son were off doing their own thing, at times out of sight, while Tash preferred to stay close to me and if she went off to the ball pool etc I went with her. So if that makes her a mummy's girl I don't mind too much - I'd rather know I was there to make sure she isn't stealing someone else's toys or getting shoved or falling over. I'm sure that sounds like I'm hideously over-protective but it's just another of those parenting-style differences. I can't imagine ever being one of those mothers who turns up with a magazine and sits there reading it while their child is left to get on with it.
In other news, I read that Nicole Kidman has called her daughter Sunday Rose. I completely understand why - born in the early hours of a sunday etc, but doesn't it sound a bit too much like Sunday Roast? Tash's middle name is of course Rose, but that's for her godmother/supporting adult - and of course she isn't called Sunday!

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