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Friday, 4 July 2008

Now this one is serious!

Hands up if you remember Meg and Mog...http://www.janpienkowski.com/books/meg-and-mog/index.htm have a look if you don't!
For me they were true childhood favourites, and I loved reading about the hopeless witch and her long-suffering cat.
So when my mother announced she had bought one of the series for Tash I was delighted - until I found out what it was about.
Called Goodbye Mog, it's about Mog dying!!! How can that be right? Surely as a classic of children's literature, Mog is immortal - like Jess from Postman Pat and Timmy the dog from Famous Five? I'm afraid I haven't read it yet - and don't intend to cos just the thought of it is too upsetting!
As for the little lady herself, we had sing and sign today and she surpassed herself. Not content with running around showing off her where sign, plus listen and dog and countless others, this week she decided to put on a little performance for the class.
We were singing the nappy song, (to the tune of Frere Jacques: Change your nappy, change your nappy, carefully, carefully, put it in the dustbin, put it in the dustbin, now you're clean, nice and clean) which is one of her favourites, so she started joining in with the signs as usual, then she went to my bag, got out a nappy, lay on the floor and tried to put it on.
The class was being videod this week for an assessment of the teacher so it was her first on-camera performance - and I suspect certainly not the last!

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